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Families and Environment Identification Gugunungan Kiara Condong Bandung

The identification was done on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

IZOEL's Scratches...

That day, I came with Fery and Listya. I came late because I was waiting for Listya, who didn't know the place. But apparently, Zamzam and Dheka have arrived on the location (Sahabat Ira from SEMAK's house) and they have started the chat with men and women from Babakan Sari III (Gugunungan-Kiaracondong).

After the prologue from Zamzam, the parents were divided into 3 groups which formed with 4 people each. Guided by Zamzam, Dheka, Fery, Listya, and myself, we started explorating and also identificating the people. At that time, Ova hasn't arrived yet in the location.

I was guiding "CANDIL" group, included Mrs. Eti, Mrs. Supriyatin, Mrs. Ilah, and Mrs. Ambar. Except Mrs. Supriyatin who worked on knitting manufactory, they were all ordinary housewives.

Mrs. Eti live on RT 03. She has 4 children, two of them has been working and doesn't live with their parents anymore. Meanwhile another two were still on the first grade of Vocational High School and Kindergarten each. Her husband doesn't work anymore. Both of them sell foods on small scale in front of their house.

Mrs. Ilah live on RT 04. She has 3 children. Two of them still live with their granmother in Garut. Only one child sat on the first grade of Middle School, live with the parents. Mrs. Ilah's husband sells Cincau Ice on wheels.

Mrs. Ambar live on RT 04. Her husband works on factory. Two of her children study on the fourth grade and first grade of Elementary School each, and another one is still 3 years old.

Mrs. Supriyatin live on RT 04. Differ with another mothers, Mrs. Supriyatin works on a knitting manufactory. Her husband works as unoccupied labour. Two children of hers have lived separately, and another two are still on the second grade of High School and the second grae of Middle School each, meanwhile another one is still 5 years old.

These four families, along with another families which live on Gugunungan area, stayed on small houses next to train-rails. They admitted honestly that they lived on the area which was owned by PT KAI, so then there were good possibilities that they would be removed.

Their houses were small and stucked together with each other. Half of them didn't even have good sanitation and ventilation. When the chat was directioned into climate change issues, they said that they didn't have place to plant trees, plants could only be planted on pots this far.

When Izul has run out of topics with the mothers, they started talking about their economical problems.

OK! Forum, daily narration, and children learning were also brought onto discussion.

Ova came late and was asked to accompany Ijul. Ova refused because he hasn't 'in' to the discussion's topics. Then Ova chose to listen to women's group "UJUG-UJUG." which guided by Fery and Listya. From what Ova had listened, they discussed the comparation with the environment condition on the past and the present. From there, they stepped into mother's daily activities with their children. Doing homework, cooking, watching TV activities. Also was brought up about daily jobs and family's income.

On Thursday night, September 4, 2008, Ova and Zamzam visited Sahabat Ira's house to confirm the activity plan of family and Gugunungan environment identification. The identification was planned to be done on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

We discussed the strategy to invite people, whether we should visit every houses or the people was gathered into one place. We needed to discuss with Sahabat Ira about the habit of the people to prevent unwanted casualties. Finally that night we decide that facilitator would visit each family's house.

We also talked about "high risk" street children which lived around Kiaracondong Marketplace. About the street children handling, also the organization/association/institute which also added into the complexion of handling the street children.


PICTURES look to the Indonesian version.

Translation was done by Fitry. ^_^

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